Miss Ziegler


MADE IN GERMANY | Ilga Ziegler grew up in a small town surrounded by majestic mountains and  meadows overflowing with flowers in Bavaria, a state in the south of Germany. As a child, she grew up listening to opera and on sunny days she would collect the wild flowers, arrange them in small bouquets and -with a smile- present them to whoever would be her favorite person that day. On Sundays her mother would take her and her sisters to neighboring Salzburg to shop for antiques and visit the traditional country fair. In the Austrian city Ilga was smitten with the skillfully-crafted garlands and garden flower decorations used for religious processions.

BAD-ASS BEAUTY | Having always listened to opera, Ilga became fascinated with rock legends of the 70′s and found liberation in the punk rock that followed. She got a taste of Berlin’s early techno scene in amazing basement clubs and abandoned East-German state buildings just after the fall of the wall. It was during this time she started to study the craft and art of floral design at The Blümchen, a cutting edge florist where tradition was met with a familiar punk rock attitude! She expanded her traditional knowledge while spraying metallic paint on greens used in flashy arrangements. These were the crazy 80′s and Ilga was taught to combine rusty chains, glittery effects and exotic flowers into an experimental version of radical flower art. She also learned classic craftsmanship in making garlands, wreaths, festive arrangements and bridal bouquets.

Ilga’s taste soon went through a radical change. The eighties were over and Ilga was looking for simplicity and, above all, GLAMOUR.

PETALS IN PARADISE | Following her admiration for American modernist art, Ilga moved to Los Angeles. She continued her floral studies and honed her skills with the finest florists in town: Campo dei Fiori, The Woods at The Four Seasons Hotel and The Velvet Garden before developing her own floral vision with her own studios, first with Gardenia (co-owned by lovely Andrea Roth-Fedida) in 2000. In November of 2005 she founded Magdalena’s Flowers which continues to be where the in-the-know go for the finest arrangements in town.

Miss Ziegler continues to collect wildflowers. She now collects dessert plates, prefers her grapefruit juice be pink, often wears turquoise eye shadow, never wears jeans, subscribes to LA Times and The New Yorker. She has worked continuously with flowers for over 20 years and would not trade it for anything.



In The Scent of Tuberoses, watch as Ilga Ziegler creates an arrangement for a ReVamp Vintage fashion show:

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