Fan Mail

We are proud to provide beauty and grace to an exceptional collection of clients.


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Baroness said she’d never seen anything like it; that they were larger than life and that they put all the other flowers she’d ever received to shame (which must be saying something as she’s had 80+ years of flowers)!

- Heath Binder, New York


The flowers were divine! You are so sweet and I love our collaborations. Thanks again; you are super talented… Love, P

- Pamela Skaist-Levy, Beverly Hills


The flowers are beyond gorgeous. Next time, I will have you put them in my bedroom too! And she did…

- Gela Nash-Taylor, Hollywood

These flowers are so incredibly beautiful, rich, elegant, fine… and so ┬ámuch more than what I was at first imagining about a flower bouquet. Maybe from now on one could say I am spoiled by your creations! It is like after having tasted the finest olive oil or the best champagne; one cannot ever return to a lower quality. Then it is better to have nothing at all. I am so thankful to call myself a flower snob!!!
- Marjam Oskoui, Silverlake