Magdalena Style

Considered by many to be the most refined and elegantly composed arrangements in Los Angeles, Magdalena’s Flowers’ discerning taste and skill accentuate the inherent dignity in flowers, inspiring us to bring more grace into our own lives.



BRINGING ¬†BABY BACK | Under the direction and care of Miss Ilga Ziegler, Magdalena’s Flowers has unmistakably contributed to the trends and evolution of California floral design. Her reintroduction of flowers such as Chrysanthemums, Carnations and Baby’s Breath to luxury and fashion arrangements is now seen in work throughout high-end floral studios. These and other flower varieties have long been seen as old-fashioned or tacky, but a delightful reemergence is occurring and these beautiful breeds are quite chic again.

Ask Ron Muranaka and Ilga is the “Queen of China Mums” and “Has been instrumental in bringing back the China Mum.” Ron is a third-generation grower of the absolute whitest, fluffiest and most durable selection around, a secret variety whose name he refuses to share.

LUXURIOUS MINIMALISM | Because we’re all about luxurious minimalism, our arrangements are often brilliantly composed of just one or two kinds of flowers or colors. Bold choices. Unexpected and personal touches are also signature to our style. We adore any occasion to incorporate¬†silk flowers, vintage vases or special pieces of jewelry. Above all, we aspire to bring joy and beauty to those receiving a Magdalena’s Flowers arrangement. Acute intuition and a genuine desire to create something very personal for each client guarantees an unforgettable presentation.

ONLY THE BEST | When possible, Magdalena’s prefers to work with locally grown flowers… like our very favorite China Mums grown in Yorba Linda… or those darling roses from Carpinteria, so sweet and fragrant! The ideal weather of southern California provides an incredible range of flowers; far more than most can imagine. If you’ve had an opportunity to visit the Los Angeles Flower Market, it is certain you’ve seen what an overwhelming selection we have to work with. Whether from here or imported, a careful eye and long-standing relationships with our growers provide access to the very highest quality specimens.


NOW | We are currently obsessed with bringing back the sexy and exotic curves of Anthurium. In every color, these girls are so playful, so graphic, sooo exquisite!

NEXT | Body flowers! They are sensual, feminine. In your hair, around your neck, wear them everywhere!! We’ve even created an ankle corsage… it’s dangerously divine.


Follow Miss Ilga Ziegler through the LA Flower Market in this charming film: