flowers for homes has a nice ring to it. i like it.

i should, cause i’ve been wanting to write about flowers in private spaces, flowers and interior design for a while now.

i think i can show how flowers transform personal spaces. change the mood and bring a whole room to life.

would like to share with everybody this precious find. a book my husband found at a european flea market.

it’s called “alte kunst in neuen räumen” (antiquities in modern homes) from 1966 and i find it so fresh and yes, modern.


love this room and its furnishings. would love to see a yellow flower arrangement not in the corner on the side table as suggested with the silk flowers pictured, but on the glass coffee table, off center. and yes, daffodils could be nice, although they only last for a couple of days. what about bright yellow, fluffy china mums….. which grow bigger and fluffier with each day, up to 2 weeks. maybe arranged in a turquoise ceramic bowl (possibly an antique from the 60s). would be so strong and fresh and pick up the turquoise of the antique tapestry on the wall.