earlier this month we re-visited the fabled BEL AIR HOTEL, after arranging residential flowers for a private client in the neighborhood.

we’ve done quite a few weddings in the ‘old’ bel air hotel, with its swans and private charm, and were looking forward to revisit the grand old dame after the remodeling of 2 years…..

SO SAD….. the BEL AIR HOTEL has become a generic, corporate hotel which could be anywhere….. with a generic lobby, generic rooms and bungalows and a generic restaurant….. which makes the ‘chateau marmont’ now even more precious…..

my heart hurts whenever i see historic places erased from the Los Angeles landscape…… why oh why couldn’t they have gotten KELLY WEARSTLER to re-imagine the bel air hotel?? she is famous for her boutique hotels!! she would have known how to revamp the hotel and keep its private and unique charm.

kelly wearstler should have redone the BEL AIR HOTEL!!

photograph from her new book RHAPSODY