‘SECRET GARDEN’ is kind of a clich√©, i know…… that’s the variety name of this beautiful rose though, that i discovered recently and is now one of our FAVORITE ROSES…….

these roses start out kind of modest, all PALE and ANTIQUE looking and then develop into something GRAND and VOLUPTUOUS……. ROSES fit for a ROMANTIC QUEEN……

on her WEDDING DAY or as a ROMANTIC SURPRISE ¬†from her LOVER…….

it’s a rose hybridized to look like a GARDEN ROSE but unlike real garden roses, these ‘SECRET GARDEN’ ROSES have INCREDIBLE STAYING POWER.

just watch them unfurl and get MORE VOLUMINOUS by the day……. you’ll have them much longer than regular roses and they even dry in a pretty way.

let MAGDALENA’S FLOWERS arrange them with some tulle or satin ribbons and you’ll make a GRAND ROMANTIC IMPRESSION.